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Monday, 30 January 2017

All Day Menu 2018

Daytime menu 2018

Hot Drinks               
Pot of Tea for One £2.20    Pot of Coffee for One £2.30  
 Pot of Decaffeinated Tea £2.20    Decaffeinated Coffee per cup £2.30
 Twinings Speciality Tea per Pot : Green, Assam, Earl Grey or Darjeeling  £2.30
Pot of Cranberry & Raspberry or Peppermint or Camomile Teas £2.30
Milky Smooth Hot Chocolate served with Whipped Cream £3.25

 Speciality Coffees
Cappuccino (The Frothy One)    Regular £2.95   Large £3.50
Latte (The Milky One)    Regular £2.95  Large £3.50
Mocha (Coffee with Chocolate)    Regular £3.20  Large £3.70
Espresso (The small strong black one, single shot) £2.45
Americano (The long black one, two shots plus hot water) £2.95
Add a flavoured syrup 40p

Cold Drinks
Pepsi or Lemonade £2.15      Still or Sparkling Blue Keld Mineral Water £2.30 
Fruit Juice   : Orange, Apple, Tomato, Cranberry, Grapefruit or Pineapple  £2.15
Cordials   : Orange, Lime or Blackcurrant £1.75     Fresh Milk £1.95
Appletise, 55, Sparkling Elderflower or Slimline bitter lemon £2.50         
J20: Orange & Passionfruit, Apple & Mango or Apple & Raspberry £2.60
Blue Keld Blackberry Mineral Water (500ml) £2.70
Blackcurrant or Orange Fruit Shoot £1.95

An extensive selection of wines, beers & spirits are available at the bar

Toasted Teacake £2.15 Crumpets £2.15  Toast & Butter (2 Slices White or Wholemeal) £1.95
Scone & Butter  : Fruit, Cheese or Wholemeal Date & Walnut £1.95
Scone with Jam & Cream £2.95

Traditional High Tea :Choice of Sandwich (See over for choices)
Cake, Tray Bake, Scone, Jam, Cream & Pot of Tea for One £14.95

Our (Nearly) Famous Homemade Desserts from the Trolley £5.25
Shortbread £1.95  Ginger Flapjack £1.95
Chocolate & Caramel Shortbread £2.25  Fruit Cake £2.50

Homemade Cake of the Day £2.50      Fruit Cake with Wensleydale Cheese £3.50

Snacks & Light Bites
Homemade Soup of the Day & Crusty Roll £5.25
Garlic Bread £3.95
Our Special Garlic Bread with
Cheese & Mushrooms £6.75
Bacon, Cheese & Tomato £6.95
Ham, Cheese & Pineapple £6.95

On brown or white & served with salad garnish & homemade coleslaw
Cheddar Cheese & Pickle £4.95   *   Cheddar Cheese £4.95   *    Home Baked Ham £5.95
Tuna & Cucumber Mayonnaise £5.95   *    Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato £5.95  *  Bacon Only £5.95
Cream Cheese Salad £4.95   *    Roast Chicken Mayo & Bacon £5.95
Prawn Marie Rose £6.50   *   Coronation Chicken (Mild Curry) £5.95
Bacon & Cream Cheese £5.95  *   Salmon & Dill Mayonnaise £6.50

Toasted Sandwiches
On brown or white & served with salad garnish & homemade coleslaw
Cheese & Tomato £6.25   *   Cheese & Mushroom £6.25   *    Cheese & Pineapple £6.25
Cheese & Onion £6.25   *   Ham & Cheddar £6.50   *   Bacon & Tomato £6.50
Bacon, Cheese & Mushroom £6.50   *   Bacon & Brie £6.95
Goats Cheese & Cranberry £6.95   *   Bacon, Cheese & Pineapple £6.95
Bacon, Cheese & Tomato £6.50

Granary or White, warmed in the oven & served with Salad & Coleslaw   
Cheddar Cheese £6.95 * Tuna & Cucumber Mayonnaise £7.50 * Home Baked Ham £7.50
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato £7.50   *   Coronation Chicken (Mild Curry) £7.50
Prawn Marie Rose £8.50 *   Salmon & Dill Mayonnaise £8.50
Roast Chicken Mayo & Bacon £7.95   *   Bacon & Melted Brie  £8.50

Hot Beef & Horseradish Baguette   £8.95   *   Hot Pork & Apple Baguette   £8.95
Sausage & Onion Baguette    £8.95

Jacket Potatoes 
Oven Baked & served with Salad & Coleslaw
   Cheddar Cheese £6.95   *    Cheese & Baked Beans £7.25   *   Tuna Mayonnaise £7.95
Creamy Garlic Mushrooms £7.95   *   Cream Cheese & Pineapple £7.95
Coronation Chicken (Mild Curry) £7.95   *   Cream Cheese & Bacon £7.95
Prawn Marie Rose   £8.50   *   Feta Cheese & Olives £7.95

Kiddies Corner 
Finger butties  : Finger shaped sandwiches with cheese, ham or jam  £3.95
Beans on toast £4.95 
Childs whole tail scampi & homemade chips £6.25
Pork sausages, chips & beans £5.95
Pasta with tomato sauce & topped with cheese £5.50
Childs roast beef & Yorkshire pudding with vegetables & potatoes £6.25
Childs roast pork & apple sauce with vegetables & potatoes £6.25

Homemade soup of the day & crusty roll (See blackboard) £5.25
Homemade vegetarian soup of the day & crusty roll (See blackboard) £5.25
Wolds Village prawn cocktail served with bread & butter £6.25
Creamy garlic mushroom pancake (V) £5.25
Melon & mango cocktail with a raspberry drizzle (V) £4.95
Laverack’s old fashioned raised pork pie & pickle £5.25
Yorkshire pudding & gravy £4.50
Homemade chicken liver & orange pate & toast £5.50
Greek salad with feta cheese & olives £4.95

Main Courses
Homemade short crust steak & Theakston’s ale pie £12.45
Gammon steak with pineapple or fried egg £12.45
Homemade short crust chicken & leek pie £12.45
Deep fried whole tail scampi £12.45
Tomato, vegetable, bean & feta pie (V) £11.45
Rainbow trout with orange & almond sauce £12.75
Fillet of plaice with a prawn, cream & mushroom sauce £12.75
Vegetable & nut roast with red wine sauce (V) £11.45
The above served with a homemade chips & fresh seasonal vegetables & potatoes

Roast loin of pork, apple sauce & crackling £12.45
Roast rib of Yorkshire beef & Yorkshire pudding £12.45
The above served with roast potatoes & fresh seasonal vegetables & potatoes

Fresh salad with homemade coleslaw & dressing and a choice of one of the following:
Chicken & bacon with garlic croutons £10.95         Home baked ham £10.95
Coronation chicken £10.95         Feta cheese & olives (V) £10.95
Warm salmon fillet & dill mayo £11.50       Prawn Marie Rose £11.50
Smoked salmon & cream cheese £11.50
Side orders  :  Jacket potato £1.50         Homemade chips  £2.95
Small Homemade chips   £1.95         Onion Rings £2.95         Garlic Bread £3.95

Ploughman’s Lunch
Served with a granary baguette, apple, pickles, salad & homemade coleslaw
Choose two from the following :
Cheddar Cheese - Homemade Chicken Liver & Orange Pate - Goats Cheese
Wensleydale Cheese   -  Home Baked Ham - Laverack’s Pork Pie
Blue Stilton                 £10.95

Homemade selection of desserts from the chilled display £5.25
Hot homemade dessert of the day (See the blackboard) £5.25

Sample Sunday Lunch 2018

Sample Sundy Lunch 2018

Sample Sunday Lunch 2018

Homemade Soup of the Day with Crusty Bread
Homemade Vegetarian Soup of the Day with Crusty Bread (V)
Creamy Garlic Mushroom Pancake (V)
Wolds Village Prawn Cocktail
Greek Salad with Feta Cheese & Olives (V)
Old Fashioned Raised Pork Pie & Pickle
Yorkshire Pudding & Gravy
Melon & Mandarin Cocktail (V)
Homemade Chicken Liver & Orange Pate & Toast
Fruit Juice
Roast Rib Beef & Yorkshire Pudding
Roast Loin Pork served with Apple Sauce & Crackling
Roast Leg of Lamb served with Mint Sauce
Homemade Steak & Ale Pie
Homemade Chicken & Mushroom Pie
Vegetable & Nut Roast with Red Wine Gravy (V)
Plaice Fillet in a Cream, Prawn & Mushroom Sauce
Rainbow Trout with an Orange & Almond Sauce
Tomato, Vegetable, Bean & Feta Pie (V)

The above are served with Mashed Potatoes, Roast Potatoes & a Selection of Seasonal Vegetables

Fresh Salad served a choice of one of the following:
Cheddar Cheese * Home Cooked Ham * Prawn Marie Rose
Pork Pie & Pickles * Fresh Salmon & Dill Mayonnaise 
Rollmop Herring * Feta Cheese & Olives
Ploughman’s Feast with Ham, Pork Pie, Pickles, Apple, Salad & Bread
Selection of Homemade Desserts from the Chilled Display
Homemade Hot Pudding of the Day
2 Course £17.70 per person
3 Course £22.95 per person
Children’s Portions Half Price

Evening Menu 2018


Soup of the Day
A choice of two of our Wold renowned homemade soups, (one vegetarian). 
See the blackboard for today’s flavours                                                                                                   

Chicken Liver & Smokey Bacon Pate 
Potted chicken liver pate blended with smokey bacon. Served with crusty farmhouse toast.                                                                                                                                        

Trio of Melon & Mango Cocktail (V)
Selection of melons served with mango & raspberry coulis                                                                   

Wolds Village Prawn Cocktail
Traditional starter of chopped salad topped with prawns & then coated with Marie Rose sauce. Served with brown bread & butter                                                                                                           

Baked Field Mushroom (V)
Large mushroom stuffed with Camembert cheese & baked in the oven, served with a salad garnish

Chorizo & Butterbean Stew
Chorizo & butterbeans in a tomato & paprika sauce served with homemade mini suet dumplings

Yorkshire Pud
One of our giant homemade Yorkshire puddings served with a rich beef gravy

Black Pudding Salad
Freshly dressed salad topped with black pudding & poached hen’s egg                                                    

Main Courses

Homemade Pies with Short Crust Pastry Lids
Choose from the following : 
                             Steak & Theakston’s ale                                                                                              £12.45
     Chicken & leek                                                                                                             £12.45
     Tomato, vegetable, bean & feta pie (V)                                                                     £11.45
with fresh seasonal vegetables, potatoes & homemade chips     

Traditional Roast
Choose from :
                             Roast rib of Laveracks Yorkshire beef with Yorkshire pudding                            £12.45
     Roast loin of pork with apple sauce & crackling                                                     £12.45
Served with fresh seasonal vegetables & roast potatoes

Stuffed Chicken Breast
Middleton on the Wolds chicken breast stuffed with sausage meat  & black pudding All wrapped in Yorkshire back bacon with a mushroom & brandy cream sauce.
Served with vegetables, potatoes & homemade chips.                             

Lamb Shank
Tender, slow cooked Lamb Shank served with a redcurrant & rosemary jus & a creamy mustard mash. Served with vegetables & chips.

Sausage & Mash
Laverack’s Cumberland sausage served on a creamed mustard mash with onion gravy.  
Served with a selection of vegetables                                                        

Gammon Steak
Gammon steak served with a choice pineapple or fried egg & served
with a selection of vegetables, potatoes & homemade chips                                                            

Whole tail Scampi
Deep fried whole tail scampi served with homemade tartare sauce with vegetables,
potatoes & chips                                                                                                                                        

Baked Salmon Fillet
Baked salmon fillet served with a spinach veloute sauce & toasted pine nuts. 
Served with a selection of vegetables, potatoes & chips                               

Wolds Village Burgers
Choose from our own homemade  beef burger or breaded chicken breast burger in a bun with homemade tomato salsa served with dressed salad & homemade chips          
served with Cheddar £13.45

Rainbow Trout
Whole locally sourced rainbow trout served with lemon butter sauce & a caper & walnut gratin. Served with a selection of vegetables, potatoes & chips        

Vegetable & Nut Roast (V)
Autumn vegetables and a five nut medley served with a red wine gravy and a selection of seasonal vegetables, potatoes & homemade chips.                         

Vegetable Tagine (V)(Vegan)
Homemade vegetable, chickpea & apricot Tagine served with vegetable cous cous.                                                          
Sirloin Steak
Laveracks 8oz steak, served with onion rings & cooked the way you like it with crisp dressed salad & chips                                                                                                                                                        £18.95
Steak Sauce
Pepper  Sauce - a creamy pepper, mushroom & red wine sauce                                                         £2.50

Crisp Fresh Salad 
Choice of the following salad bowl combinations with homemade coleslaw

Chicken & bacon with garlic croutons                                                                                                   £10.95
Home baked ham                                                                                                                                      £10.95   
Warm salmon fillet with dill mayo                                                                                                         £11.50   
Prawn Marie Rose                                                                                                                                     £11.50                                 
Staal Smokehouse Smoked salmon & cream cheese                                                                            £11.50   
Feta cheese & olives (V)                                                                                                                           £10.95
Coronation chicken (in a mild curry mayonnaise)                                                                              £10.95

Served  with a granary baguette, apple, pickles, salad & homemade coleslaw.
Choose from 1 or 2 of the following:
  Cheddar cheese                                        Homemade chicken liver and orange pate                   
              Wensleydale cheese                                 Home baked ham
              Laverack’s pork pie                                 Goats cheese
              Blue stilton                                                                                                                                  £10.95                                                                                                           
          Onion rings    £2.95              Homemade chips   £2.95       Small homemade chips      £1.95
          Jacket Potato   £1.50             Garlic Bread             £3.95

All food is cooked with fresh local ingredients from small independent suppliers wherever possible & to the best of our knowledge does not contain GM foods. Our suppliers include Laveracks Butchers of Holme on Spalding Moor, Rafters Fruit & Veg of Driffield, Primepak of Driffield, St Quentins Dairies, Wold Top, The Bakery Norton, A Purdy Fish of Beverley, Smales of Hull, Bracken Hill Preserves, House of Townend, Shepcotes of Driffield, Staal Smokehouse & Mr Moos Ice cream. Gluten free alternatives are available, please ask.

Wine List

House WineDuc de Richelieu     Red, white (dry, medium or sweet) or blush rose
Litre Bottle                                                      £16.95
½ Litre Carafe                                                              £8.75
Glass  175ml/250ml                                                       £3.50/£4.95

White Wines   D – Dry           M- Medium          S - Sweet

Sauvignon Le Charme (M/D)                                                                                                              £14.95
Chablis – Domaine des Marronnieres (D)                                                                                       £24.95
Piesporter Michelsberg  (M/S)                                                                                                              £14.95
Italian  Pinot Grigio Venezie (M)                                                                                                        £14.95
Australian Red Cliffs Estate Semillon Chardonnay (M/D)                                                               £14.95
South African  Drakensberg – Chenin Blanc (D)                                                                               £14.95
Chilean  Finca el Picador Chardonnay (M/D)                                                                                £14.95  
Champagne & Sparkling Wine
Moet et Chandon – Brut Imperial  (D)                                                                                                 £42.50
Prosecco Vetriano Adria Vini  (D)                                                                                                         £17.95

Red Wines

Merlot Le Charme                                                                                                                      £14.95
Fleurie – Gry Sablon                                                                                                                             £25.95
Chianti Duca di Sasseta                                                                                                                         £18.50
Red Cliffs Estate Shiraz Cabernet                                                                                                        £14.95
Pleno Tempranillo Nevarra                                                                                                                   £14.95
Finca el Picador Cabernet Sauvignon                                                                                                  £14.95

Rosé Wines 


Angels Flight Zinfandel Rose                                                                                                               £15.95